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At D.H. Welding LLC, we build all our equipment to be sturdier and stronger than the competition, and that includes the parts to keep your equipment working right. We pride ourselves on making farm equipment that stands up to the test of time so it can serve you and your farm well for years to come.

We carry a complete line of replacement parts that are manufactured in the USA and built with the same high-quality standards as your original spreader. We also manufacture parts and equipment for Pequea 85GD and 110GD machines. All of our spreader equipment come with a 2-year warranty. 

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Manure Spreader Equipment Tips

Proper care and operation of your D.H. Welding LLC Manure Spreader will ensure that your machine will be as dependable as you expect and need it to be.
  • Check that all safety shielding is free turning
  • Remove manure build-up regularly
  • Protect your machine from weather when not in use
  • Lubricate your machine daily (follow the guide in your Spreader Manual)
  • Check the machine at the end of the season for worn or damaged parts
  • Replace worn or damaged parts with genuine D.H. Welding LLC parts to ensure an accurate fit
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Download the D.H. Welding LLC Manure Spreader Manual 
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