Chisel Plow

We Sell to Farmers and Dealers

Strong and Sturdy Chisel Plows for Smaller Fields

For your smaller home gardens, vegetable patches, and fields, rely on the small scale chisel plows from D.H. Welding LLC. Our chisel plows provide an alternative to traditional plowing, creating minimal till and less ground erosion for a more environmentally friendly option for your farming needs.

We are an Amish owned and operated business that was established in 2002. All of our equipment is built in the USA using traditional methods to ensure better strength and durability in our products than what you'll find elsewhere on the market. We provide long-lasting chisel plows to both farmers and farming equipment dealers.  

Better Craftsmanship Makes the Difference

Our most popular model is our Three Tooth Chisel Plow that requires 40-45 horsepower. This model is made with a heavy-duty square tubing frame with the tines bolted right to the frame. All our equipment is built with a stronger steel than what you'll normally find from the competition, ensuring that your equipment will serve you well for years to come.

We keep a decent stock of our most basic parts and products, which are fairly standard, but certain pieces can be customized in order to meet your specifications. 

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